Light Creators: Luca Roncoroni – Ice Architect and Creative Director of the IceHotel

The famous 15th Century renaissance architect, and initiator of renaissance art theory Leon Alberti, once described beauty as “that reasoned […]

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New SLL President aims to Build Back Better

“With the Covid-19 lockdown leading to a cut in C02 emissions, it has also triggered an economic downturn, prompting governments […]

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Light Creators: Nicola Schellander – crafted luxury

Chris Fordham goes in search of an inspirational designer determined to single-handedly re-ignite the historic British glassmaking industry. . When […]

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Our Favourite Lights (2)

We started this little essential journey (for our communal health) with a select group of lighting designers – and great […]

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Gatekeeping the Specification

So, tell me, how do you decide on a specification? What’s going on that you choose that fixture instead of […]

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Thomas Holgeth – is talking Specials

.I’m not sure – it might only be me – but I’m pretty certain our lighting industry is getting more […]

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Our Favourite Lights (1)

Maybe not an original thought, but while we’re all stuck at home, let’s give it a bit of a spin. […]

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Book Review: The Little Book of Colour by Karen Haller

There’s nothing quite like a lockdown to help create a space to ponder the eternal verities and take a look […]

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The Lighting Tree

The Lighting Tree: Ray Pang

Ray is a co-founder of Match Lighting Studio. His background in Architecture and Engineering drives a passion for exploring the […]

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The Rule of Three

The Rule of Three: A meditation on residential lighting design [Video Podcast]

Every project is different . . every project is the same: two sides of a coin Certainly, for the client, […]

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