Nigel Harvey Defends Climate Action

Nigel Harvey Defends his Climate Action

Here’s the backstory, just in case you missed it. Nigel Harvey, CEO of Recolight and passionate environmentalist was in Trafalgar […]

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Nigel Harvey, Recolight

Nigel Harvey: in a Conversation from the Green Edge

Every now and again it does the heart good just to have a chat with like-minded friends. Nigel and I […]

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Danish Design, Clean Beauty, Distinct From The Scandinavian Culture of ‘Funkis’.

Following on from our previous instalment of this design series, where we look across the water to our friends in […]

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Sally Storey - LIT 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award in Lighting Design

Sally Storey – LIT 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award in Lighting Design

John Bullock writes:Apart from our mutual boss, John Cullen, Sally was the first proper lighting designer that I worked with […]

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An Introduction to Clevertronics

An Introduction to Clevertronics

Clevertronics is Australia’s market leader in the manufacture of emergency lighting – and now they’ve come to the UK. So […]

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The Light Review Manifesto

The Light Review Prospectus 2021

. What is The Light Review all about? . Here’s the shorthand for what we’re trying to do, although the […]

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The Mistletoe Bride

Party Games: Hide ‘n Seek – the ultimate lockdown

Here at The Light Review we are great supporters of the Family Christmas (and however truncated that may be for […]

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The Romance that is Italian Lighting

Chris Fordham investigates: For this topic, I was fortunate enough to be joined by the U.K. sales manager at Atrium […]

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Rise of Online Marketing

The Rise and Rise of Online Marketing

This past year has demanded that lighting companies shift their marketing focus to whatever can be contained within a rectangular […]

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LIA: new Photometry Testing Service

Where would we be without decent photometric testing? Actually – where would we be without photometric testing that understands and […]

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Designer Chat

Designer Chat: Rambling On

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that I’ve been talking with Andrew Bissell and Iain MacRae about how we […]

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CDM: Who Protects the Lighting Designer?

We all need to know our legal position. . . Health and safety is as much a part of the […]

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