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RCL – Pandemic Marketing

The coronavirus pandemic has forced lighting companies to think seriously about how they get their product in font of potential […]

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RCL: the light fantastic

We’d been talking to Remote Controlled Lighting about their technology and they said; “would you like to play with one […]

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Xicato: Welcome to 2.0 – Moving Forward

. This is the third in our series of podcasts with Xicato – and here we’re looking at the latest […]

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Ruth Kelly Waskett in conversation

Ruth Kelly Waskett: SLL President in Conversation

Congratulations are due to Ruth for taking on the role of President of SLL. We’re by no means out of […]

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Clevertronics: Responsibility and Competence

The latest in our series of conversations with Steve Saville of Clevertronics – and what a blockbuster this one turned […]

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Manufacturer Chat: Xicato & Stoane Lighting

We still talk a lot about the LED Revolution, but that’s because it really has been a revolution. The lighting […]

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Manufacturer Chat: Optaled and Retrofit lighting

If you care to, you’ll probably find a pattern as to how retrofit lighting projects come about, but there’s sufficient […]

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Build Back Better Awards

The Build Back Better Awards

We first heard the phrase ‘Build Back Better’ in 2015, as a UN response to a series of natural disasters […]

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The Spektd Interview: 2021 Redux

Its nigh on a year since we published the first interview with Richard Hall – talking about Spektd and what […]

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Design and Ingo Maurer, German Humour with Functionality

In the next chapter of this design series where we look across the water to see what our friends in […]

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Xicato: and a Conversation with Julie O’Reilly of Sutton Vane Associates

This is a conversation about quality – about where Good Lighting comes from, the knowledge and experience that necessarily lies […]

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Clevertronics - The Importance of Quality System Design

Clevertronics: The Importance of Quality System Design

Once conversations around emergency lighting get started you soon come to realise that, most of the time, what ends up […]

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