Studio-29 Lighting Design

Studio 29

Principal & Contact Details

Tony Rimmer
1A Putney Embankment, Greater London, England SW15 1LB


At Studio 29, we master the language of light; its structure, composition, silences, accents and

Our knowledge, experience, expertise, awareness and sensitivity allow us to articulate and deliver
outstanding lighting solutions for all spaces, public and private, by day or by night.

Like every spoken or written language, light is a system of communication, resulting in a full spectrum of
emotions. The language of light is a universal language, understood across the world, going beyond
cultures and latitudes. It’s also an unlimited concept that could be tailored for all needs and behaviours.

We are lighting designers: at the same time poets, artists, story tellers, translators, technicians and
engineers of the language of light, constantly adapting to an ever evolving complex technology and
delivering timeless lighting schemes. In the same way there are no ideas without words, there are no
designs or spaces without light.

Studio-29, Bakery Place
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