SG Lighting: Riegens

Skyline 120, 230 Avenue W
Great Notley
CM77 7AA
United Kingdom

Level: Silver

About SG Lighting

Light is more than just light. At SG Lighting (formerly Riegens), we know this. As a result, we have been clearly and ambitiously focused on developing our lighting solutions for many years.We continuously strive to achieve the perfect combination of ideal lighting and energy efficiency.To us at Riegens, it is important to help you overcome your challenges. Therefore, it is important for us to learn from and develop together with our customers and business partners. But most importantly – to learn from the people who will be using our lighting solutions.We convert technology, materials and design into practical, energy-efficient lighting solutions for the benefit of people’s everyday lives.We have been doing this for more than sixty years.

SG Lighting is a Norwegian Company founded in Lillesand, Norway in 1990. The company has operations in more than 30 countries world wide and daughter companies in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France and Finland. The luminaires from SG are the preferred choice for Lighting Architects, Lighting Consultants, Designers as well as Electrical Installers and in use on all Continents. We strive to design and manufacture our Lighting fixtures according to the highest quality standards because we know that it is precisely this level of quality that will allow our lighting luminaires to withstand the test of time. Our outdoor luminaires are constructed to meet the changing weather factors and climatic conditions and extreme physical conditions due to heat, rain, snow, dust or dirt. We are continuously designing, prototyping and testing new products to enable us to deliver products that are energy efficient and environmental friendly, in combination with a creation of the ambiance that you need, always keeping in mind that luminaires have a great impact on the environment, appearance and impression of the overall surroundings.

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