Urbis Schréder

Sapphire House,
Lime Tree Way, Chineham
RG24 8GG
United Kingdom

Level: Silver

We believe in creating new experiences, using lighting as a platform. Through problem solving partnerships, our people can help you differentiate and succeed by delivering flexible solutions that align with the goals of both you and your stakeholders.

Why? Creating experiences through light is not easy, people demand usability, well-being and beauty. Some look to aesthetics to develop local identities, while others like interactivity, both with the aim of differentiating and providing new experiences.

How? We pride ourselves on the long-term partnerships we have already created, while looking forward to what future relationships will bring. We strive to be a one-stop, problem solving partner for our clients, delivering complex solutions thanks to both our flexibility and agility within the marketplace. We combine a global presence with a local approach, through brilliant people who understand the nuances of local markets.

What? We align our goals with our clients. Sustainability is at the core, but we know this is not your only goal; you want to create value for your customers, providing well-being through pleasant experiences. You want to protect your investments and deliver success for every stakeholder involved and ultimately create fantastic spaces.

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