Optaled: LED Puck – engineering in miniature

Optaled: LED Puck

The LED Puck is setting the world standard for stunningly integrated handrail lighting. Now with an even more powerfully efficient, discreet, and easy to install module that provides the ultimate finish.

Its award-winning design is a miniature wonder of engineering achievement and offers unrivalled uniformity and photometric performance.

The compact and smooth 316 stainless steel module fits both threaded and non-threaded holes; straight or curved metal handrail pipe with a minimum wall thickness of 1.5mm and a minimum diameter of 25m.

The Puck features a push-in design with a patented collapsible shell, making installation simple. One push and module fits securely and seamlessly into the handrail, no more twisted wires or fuss.

It is not only for handrails! The Puck is also perfect for bus shelters, art installations or integrating into playgrounds and parks. It is designed to discreetly fit into any non-metallic surface or substrate, like timber, masonry, or plaster.

At Optaled, we offer the full Puck range, including Snap, RGBW, Wide, IP68, Solo, Zero, TW and Lens.




The Puck is a premium series of high efficiency, exceptionally discreet, and infinitely elegant illumination for handrails and more. Each Puck is not only compact and discreet at a tiny 15mm diameter but contains a Cree LED for the highest reliability and efficacy. When your handrail requires a dependable and stunningly professional integrated finish: Puck is the only answer.



The Puck is built to last and designed to deliver continued photometric excellence even in challenging conditions. It is perfect for extreme environments and equipped with a sturdy polycarbonate or borosilicate lens, a 316 stainless steel structure, an impact rating of IK10, a sturdy anti-vandal design, and features ingress protection up to IP68.



The LED light is optically controlled and designed to obtain a high degree of illumination uniformity, minimal glare or light spill. It’s light where you need it, and none where you don’t. The Puck can be discreetly deployed in any non-metallic surface or substrate, like timber, masonry, or plaster and is also an obvious choice for any heritage building with brass handrails.



Light, colour and clever design helped renowned architects to integrate the Puck into a ceiling showpiece in this central atriums. An array of Puck modules were incorporated into the tips of the sculptured hanging baffle. With the low glare and high lumens per watt, the collective effect presents a sparkling multi-star-pointed centrepiece.



The LED Puck is a perfect handrail lighting solution for a cost-effective and efficient installation. Support, equipment and downloadable resources are available for every lighting instalment, including wiring datasheets, installation videos, a custom prepared drill jig kit and instruction manuals.

For each installation, a full G5 drill jig kit is available and an instruction manual to enable a consistent and accurate instalment. The kit provides the equipment to drill securely through and cut the counterbore for a flush super finish.

Each LED Puck is fitted with a Coolsplice connector for quick and waterproof connections.

Up to 35 LED Pucks can be installed from just one Dali or 1-10V driver without any significant voltage drop.

There is no threaded loctite installation needed, just a simple snap-in fit. The anti-tamper and vandal-resistant Puck can only be removed and adjusted using a unique tool provided.



  • Performance – High output with up to 180 lumens and over 120 LL/CW for powerful illumination.
  • Watt – Only 1.4W / 500 mA per module.
  • CCT – Colour temperature options 3000 K or 4000 K.
  • TW – Tunable white allowing a colour temperature change from 2700K to 6500K.
  • RGBW – 4-in-1 LED includes red, green, blue and white for complete colour mixing.
  • MacAdam – 3 step MacAdam Ellipse
  • Distribution – A range of standard elliptical symmetric or asymmetric distribution options.
  • CRI – 80 as standard or 90 on request
  • Optic – Standard polycarbonate or borosilicate available.
  • IP Rated – IP65 standard, IP67 borosilicate lens optional and IP68 module available for extreme conditions.
  • Secure – IK10 impact rated, anti-tamper and vandal resistant.
  • Material – 316 electro-polished corrosion protected, marine-grade stainless steel.
  • Design – patented collapsible shell design for quick snap-in installation with a secure and flush finish.
  • Controls – Compatible with fixed output, 1-10V or DALI dimming systems.
  • Retrofit – Designed to retrofit into a wide range of existing round or square handrails.
  • Integration – Can also fit into non-metallic handrails and surface, including wood, plaster and masonry.
  • LED Lifetime –  50,000 hours.
  • Warranty –  A complete 5 year warranty.
  • Dimensions – 15 x ø 16 mm with a flat or curved face.
  • Connection – Secure coolsplice connectors.
  • Installation – Instruction manual, installation video and drill jig kit available for installations.

See the full Puck range from Optaled  https://www.optaled.com/handrail


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