Oxford St Johns – Otranto Passage Glass Tapestry

Working in collaboration again with architectural glass artist Kirsty Brooks we created a glass light Tapestry to occupy the Otranto Passage -a hidden corridor within the 17th Century Canterbury Quadrangle, St John’s College Oxford.

This glass artwork was commissioned as part of the Library Extension and Study Centre project for St John College, Oxford by the architects Wright & Wright.

The 15-metre-long artwork details the first 200 years of the College’s history, from 1555 to 1755, unfolding the story through texture, light and layers.

A mathematically accurate series of abstracted documents, maps and books is placed along a timeline, with each year represented by seven centimetres. Featuring key figures in the College’s early history in addition to glassmaking techniques from the 16th to the 18th centuries, alongside more contemporary techniques.

There is an Oculus two-thirds away along the otherwise dark corridor which gave us an interesting intervention of daylight into the space which was became an important consideration in the lighting design.

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