The Church of St Matthew and St James – Mossley Hill, Liverpool

Highlighting Heritage

A place of serenity and stability to its’ visitors; the Church of St Matthew and St James in Mossley Hill, Liverpool provides the setting for a considered lighting design. The functional lighting aids users of the space; and a careful layering of architectural lighting defines the drama of the altarpiece. Attention to detail was crucial in ensuring a synergistic lighting strategy within the Grade II listed building.

Lighting and architecture in harmony

A coherent lighting strategy was a key factor in ensuring the church could fulfil its’ potential as a multi-use space. It was important for us to understand the use of the space from the user’s perspective; and build a layering of varied lighting effects to achieve visual balance. Here the architecture is viewed as the focus; so the lighting is integrated into the background of the space in a way that compliments.

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    • Architectural Lighting Design
  • Sectors
    • Heritage
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    • Church of St Matthew and St James
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    • Studio:PlanA
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