Westminster Bridge Road Regeneration

The lighting consultant worked with the London Borough of Lambeth to deliver creative lighting schemes for four historic rail underpasses within Vauxhall and London Waterloo brought spaces to life. The underpasses were: Westminster Bridge Road, Upper Marsh Road, Black Prince Road and Old Paradise Street. These represented iconic tunnels that had suffered from neglect and become unloved and unused. The project took nearly 5 years to gain approval from all of the stakeholders. The project illustrates the importance of perseverance!

An important objective was to work with the community, who played a major role in the project.

Schools and community groups played a key role in design workshops, learning about the history of the local area and developing artwork concepts. This, in turn, was used for some of the projections and animated scenes.

A challenge for the project was to appreciate the historical significance of the structures as well as gain approval from a host of interested stakeholder groups. This included: Transport for London (TfL); Network Rail; London Continental Railways (LCR); Waterloo Quarter BID; South Bank Employers’ Group (SBEG); South Bank and Waterloo Neighbours (SoWN) and the PFI contractor, Bouygues.

Each tunnel now has its own narrative and defined lighting scheme. Architectural and theatrical lighting helped fuse impact and drama together with bespoke detailing to allow highway lighting to be integrated into the whole.

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