Recolight: updating on sustainability initiatives

At a press briefing yesterday, Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey gave an update the company’s sustainability initiatives. . . “Over the […]

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Improving the Rate of Streetlight Recycling

Recolight: Improving the Rate of Streetlight Recycling

The recycling figures for redundant streetlighting lanterns are embarrassingly low – Recolight is doing something to improve the situation. Recolight […]

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Recolight: high recycling rate in luminaires

. Recolight has commissioned a detailed analysis to assess the recyclability of waste luminaires.  The results show that over 83% […]

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Recolight: New appointments to Recolight Board of directors

Recolight, the leading WEEE compliance scheme for lighting, is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Sprott of Signify to […]

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Recolight: how can the lighting industry become Net Zero (webinar: 27 May)

How can the lighting industry become Net Zero?  The next Recolight Webinar on 27 May will discuss how the lighting […]

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Recolight: Lighting and the Circular Economy webinars 2021

Recolight have announced a new Circular Economy webinar series for 2021.  It will build on the events held in 2020, […]

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Recolight: end-of-life luminaires webinar

The singlemost important thing about creating a Circular Economy will be the process that we find to close the loop […]

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Recolight: welcomes Environmental Audit Committee WEEE report recommendations for online marketplaces

Recolight welcomes environmental audit committee WEEE report recommendations for online marketplaces The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has today published a […]

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Recolight: Recovering Gallium from waste LEDs

Recolight reports: a Research project has been launched to recover Gallium from waste LED lamps . A consortium of six […]

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Recolight: End-of-Life Luminaires: a panel discussion

. The discussion continues around the question of what to do with luminaires once they are no longer required. Recolight’s […]

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Recolight: Lighting’s replaceable future – an online panel discussion

The next online Recolight panel discussion is scheduled for 6 November at 11:00. This discussion follows on from the three […]

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Recolight: celebrating third of a billion lamps recycled

Recolight, the UK’s leading lighting WEEE compliance scheme has announced a major milestone having funded the recycling of a third […]

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