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Recolight is the leading WEEE compliance scheme for the lighting industry.

We take on responsibility for our members’ compliance; giving their customers’ access to the UK’s most comprehensive free GDL, LED and luminaire recycling service.

As the leading WEEE lighting compliance scheme:

  • we take on the  responsibility of our members WEEE compliance,
  • giving their customers access to the UK’s most comprehensive free lamp collection and recycling service,
  • ensuring that as many GDLs, LEDs and luminaires as possible are kept out of landfill.

To date, Recolight has recycled more GDLs, LEDs and luminaires than all other WEEE compliance schemes put together. We are funded by our members as a not-for-profit organisation, with all funds used towards maximising recycling. Recolight is active in lobbying to make sure that the WEEE regulations and associated legislation are right for the lighting industry and its customers.

Recolight operates in a radically different way from other WEEE schemes. Most schemes with a lighting obligation simply buy lamp recycling evidence to meet their obligations. Instead, at Recolight we offer the customers of our members a free of charge recycling service. For our members, that means the additional benefits for their customers are material. It moves WEEE from simply a compliance function, and into a value added solution.

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