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Raising the Mood with Colour and Light

By Chris Fordham | 27th April 2021

Its medieval Britain, as you trudge through mud and cow dung from your grey, brown hovel, the low grey clouds […]

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Introducing Shelley James and the Age of Light

By John Bullock | 21st April 2021

I first came across Dr. Shelley James during the early days of lockdown last year. Phos were early out of […]

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LIT Lighting Design Awards 2021: now open for entries

By LIT Awards | 21st April 2021

. The 5th Edition of the LIT Lighting Design Awards is now open! The LIT Design Awards 2021 is now […]

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ILP: new CPD programme announced

By John Bullock | 15th April 2021

Latest educational CPD sessions to help the lighting community announced by the ILP. The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) has […]

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Light Photography: more than it’s cracked up to be.

By Chris Fordham | 15th April 2021

Browsing through some reference images for a lighting design I was working on, I recognised a project and had to […]

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Explainer: working with continuous linear LED fixtures.

By The Light Review | 13th April 2021

As our starting point, we are assuming that the linear LED fixture consists of a continuous LED tape mounted within […]

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Tamlite: Light is for learning . . .

By John Bullock | 13th April 2021

. At  the  time  of  writing  (Spring  2021)  the  Big  Conversation  is  all  about  getting  our  children  back  to school  […]

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Optaled: LED Puck – engineering in miniature

By Optaled | 12th April 2021

The LED Puck is setting the world standard for stunningly integrated handrail lighting. Now with an even more powerfully efficient, […]

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Designers Mind: April is Stress Awareness Month

By John Bullock | 7th April 2021

. . April is Stress Awareness Month and at Designers Mind HQ we’ve been thinking about some things we can […]

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Explainer: the Inverse Square Law

By The Light Review | 1st April 2021

The Inverse square law: a law stating that the intensity of an effect such as illumination or gravitational force changes […]

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