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Is Blue Light Bad for our Children?

By Mary Rushton-Beales | 26th November 2020

When you are expecting your first Grandchild there are lots of things to worry about . . . Extract from […]

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Recolight: welcomes Environmental Audit Committee WEEE report recommendations for online marketplaces

By John Bullock | 26th November 2020

Recolight welcomes environmental audit committee WEEE report recommendations for online marketplaces The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has today published a […]

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Recolight: Recovering Gallium from waste LEDs

By John Bullock | 24th November 2020

Recolight reports: a Research project has been launched to recover Gallium from waste LED lamps . A consortium of six […]

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Clevertronics webinar – Right Questions; Right Spec.; Right Outcome:

By John Bullock | 17th November 2020

Many years ago, right at the start of my career as an independent lighting designer, one of my first clients […]

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Circular Economy: defining ‘end of life’

By John Bullock | 14th November 2020

The old mind-set of make+use+throw away says quite clearly what ‘end of life’ means. It says that, for whatever reason, […]

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Stay healthy if you’re working from home

By John Bullock | 12th November 2020

I was introduced to Lys Technologies a couple of years ago, when we were looking at the Biophilic Office project […]

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Recolight: End-of-Life Luminaires: a panel discussion

By John Bullock | 12th November 2020

. The discussion continues around the question of what to do with luminaires once they are no longer required. Recolight’s […]

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Footfall Lighting: at Marlborough College

By John Bullock | 11th November 2020

. This famous school wanted to light up its impressive main entrance of the Memorial Hall in a dramatic way […]

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Book Review: real-world experiences with electric cars – We Bought One!

By John Bullock | 9th November 2020

With the news that Bentley will only be producing electric vehicles from 2030, we all know what’ll be in our […]

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Spare parts: where the Circular Economy will fail

By John Bullock | 30th October 2020

Much of the conversation that’s going on around the subject of the Circular Economy is focused on what happens when […]

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