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The Book Review: Urban Lighting for People, edited by Navaz Davoudian

The strapline for this book is “Evidence-based lighting design for the built environment”, which should be warning enough ...
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The Lighting Tree: Juliet Rennie

The latest addition to The Lighting Tree is Juliet Rennie. As we all know, Juliet is coordinator for ...
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The Biophilic office: the designer’s view

Oliver Heath Design is resposnbile for the design of the refurbished offices at BRE that will become The ...
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New Lighting Products

Producing photometric data – what do we need?

Specification of data required for a luminaire – photometric data There is a practical reason for data collection ...
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The Lighting Tree: Alex Bittiner

The ground rules for The Lighting Tree are simple. The previous candidate suggests the next candidate – and ...
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Euroluce 2019; the view from the aisles

"I know you. You're John Bullock!" Damn, I thought; the debt collectors have found me at last. But, ...
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Circadian Lighting: improving the care home environment

I suspect that, for many of us, our idea of a care home – whether experienced or imagined ...
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The Biophilic Office, BRE; the researcher’s view

Cosmin Ticleanu, principal lighting consultant for the Biophilic Office project explains the background to the project.  'We spend ...
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The Biophilic office, BRE: the manufacturers view

The Lighting Approach for the Biophilic Office. Waldmann was approached by the BRE to be a core partner ...
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The 7-Step Programme to Good Lighting: Step 6 – The Install

All things being equal, this really shouldn’t be a problem. The problem is – not all things are ...
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LED streetlighting: holy grail or unfit for purpose?

Its probably written into statute by now that whenever two lighters come together to share a soft drink, ...
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MADE BY EMIRATI: a new educational initiative in Dubai

Where do we get our next generation of lighters from? More to the point, where do we find ...
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The Lighting Tree: Ellie Greisen

The ground rules for The Lighting Tree are simple. The previous candidate suggests the next candidate - and ...
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Talking Cradle-Cradle: Edinburgh Science, April 2019

We don't hear a lot about Cradle-to-Cradle design in the lighting industry; but it is happening. Waldmann has ...
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Responding to the SLL Position Statement on Circadian Lighting

The Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) has issued a Position Statement on Circadian Lighting (April 2019). In ...
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Lighting terms Glossary (thanks to SLL)

Someone suggested that The Light Review should have an explainer for all those head-scratching technical terms that the ...
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Emergency lighting batteries – one size fits all?

The technology behind emergency lighting is changing. We asked Simon Coates, Technical Manager of Orbik to tell us ...
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Changing to a 4-day week. Part 3 of 3

This is the final part of Neil Knowles' LinkedIn blog, talking about how he took the plunge and ...
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Society of Light and Lighting: Lightbytes, Bristol

LightBytes events offer a day of peer-reviewed, bite-sized presentations, focusing on key issues relating to lighting professionals and ...
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SLL Young Lighter 2019

Brendan Keely has been on, asking if I can make a bit of noise about the SLL Young ...
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The Biophilic Office: Wellness and Biophilia Symposium

6 - 7 June 2019: a 2-Day Symposium at BRE, Watford How can nature-inspired design foster office occupant ...
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Changing our company to a 4 day week (Part 2 of 3)

The Light Review is shadowing Neil Knowles' blog series on how he took Elektra Lighting to a 4-day ...
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Wellbeing in the Workplace, with the Supply Chain Sustainability School

This event in London on 26th March 2019 was the first SCSS Facilities Manager Supplier Day to focus ...
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The future of Smart City street lighting after Harvard?

The offer of more efficient, cost-saving, almost failure-free street lighting, all thanks to the favourable conjunction of new ...
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I introduced a 4 day week at my company. How did it turn out? (Part 1 of 3)

Loitering through The Guardian a few days ago I ended up with one of those mental images that ...
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Lighting as a Service to enable circular economy

I bumped into Fred Bass at Futurebuild. The conversation, as it always does, came round to what was ...
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Futurebuild: where’s the lighting?

The stated aim of Futurebuild is “to explore and tackle the biggest challenges impacting the built environment and ...
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Retro-fitting escape lighting on residential staircases

Let me set the scene: a low-rise residential block, probably three or four floors of flats, with a ...
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Wellness: reporting the Light Diet

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to Lys Technologies and their Light Diet. Read about it ...
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Women in Lighting

“When we talk about women in design, we should not turn it into a minority issue. We need ...
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The Lighting Tree: Stuart Alexander

The UK lighting design community is rich in talent. The Lighting Tree is looking forward to introducing you ...
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In-job training: throwing some light on it

The Electrical Distributors Association (EDA) has introduced a series of Product Knowledge Modules to help wholesalers improve the ...
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3:30:300 – the conundrum for office lighting design

Most of us have been raised with the idea that the single aim for office lighting design is ...
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Wellness: taking care of your circadian rhythm

Never mind those 10,000 steps, are you getting enough LIGHT in your diet? A new wearable sensor from ...
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How to cheat: pricing emergency lighting

Can you price up 212 standard 3W non-maintained emergency downlighters? Best we can do so far is €??. ...
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TLR mesh

IoT: who ‘owns’ smart lighting?

The first LIA Technical Forum of the year was given over to a dicussion of the Internet of ...
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Museum of the Moon: 2019 Tour

Created by Luke Jerram, the Museum of the Moon is one of his newest arts projects. It tours ...
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How to cheat: bungs and kickbacks

Earning a living as a lighting designer/specifier can be a challenge. There must be an easier way to ...
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The Book Review: Chasing The Sun, by Linda Geddes

Linda Geddes' new book explores the vital relationship between the sun and the human race suggests directions for ...
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LED dimming – a 2019 update

LED Dimming: what’s going on? I was looking for a replacement 1-10v dimmable LED driver and was surprised ...
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The Lighting Tree

The UK lighting design community is rich in talent. The Lighting Tree is looking forward to introducing you ...
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Emergency lighting – do we have all of the exits covered?

We're so used to the conventions of visual exit signage and audible alarms, but does anyone ever think ...
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How to cheat: ‘Equal and Approved’?

What are we to make of 'equal and approved'. Who is the beneficiary when products get swapped out ...
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The Light Review Logo

The Light Review – what’s in a logo?

We started the ball rolling with a simple line of heavily serifed text, with the ‘I’s of The ...
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The Light Review – what are we up to?

After spending 40 years (yikes!) in the lighting industry I’ve come to realise that there’s only one thing ...
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