Circular Economy: another link in the chain

My friend Jess Gallagher (ILP) posts to LinkedIn with a plea for someone to provide a home for 80 never-been-kissed Philips lanterns (BGP615 Micro LUMA). They are less than three years old and its no longer feasible for the owners to store them. Before they go to recycling, there MUST be someone out there who can find a use for them.

And this is where we find a weak link in the diamond-studded bracelet that is the Circular Economy.

The traditional law of supply and demand assumes that a pre-existing demand can be met by a commensurate supply, but it rarely works the other way; supply does not always assume a demand.

For a Circular Economy to function we have to turn that position on its head and find a way to store equipment until such time as they are needed (and – yes – there needs to be a sensible discussion about what that means in practice).

I’m think I’m calling for a lighting salvage business.

We’re used to seeing all kinds of stuff scavenged from demolition jobs, finding its way to ‘architectural salvage and reclamation yards’. We need, as a priority, to find a way for re-usable lighting product to become available in the same way.

My gut feeling is that these start operations will start as a social/community ventures, working in local areas, but with a national database supporting a national demand for these orphans from the storm.

Something for 2021, perhaps?


Oh – and if you DO have a use for 80 Philips lanterns, please don’t contact me. You’ll find Jess at the ILP on 01788 576492 or at

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