Clevertronics: CleverEVAC is the future of emergency lighting systems

Emergency lighting technology continues to evolve and we can expect to see a focus on three key areas over the next decade or so. CleverEVAC is a system and suite of dynamic EXIT signs that provide increased visibility, audible cues, and negative enforcement options.



Dynamic signage

Dynamic signage can direct people to the safest or most appropriate route; for example, in the event of a building fire or a security incident where you need to direct people away from danger. In this case, directional signs might include other elements alongside the typical green running man. You might also have flashing LEDs that draw more attention to the exit, or invisible red “X” marks on the exits where access is blocked off.  These are illuminated when instructed to do so, where egress is blocked or carries a high risk.

Directional sound

Directional sound is also being used in some emergency lighting systems to draw people’s attention and help them find their way to the nearest exit using audible cues. This is useful in shopping centres and places with a lot of visual clutter, or emergency situations (like a fire) where visibility is impacted. Because people can follow the sound out, they can move faster and more confidently in the right direction, while looking out for obstacles that could be in their immediate path.

Smart sensors

While automated emergency lighting testing is already available today, we’ll likely see smart technology used in other aspects of the system, too. Down the track, as more building network systems are installed and interconnected, we can expect to see overlap between networks,  to locate people and identify how many people are in the building. This information will be critical in emergency situations, ensuring first responders can more efficiently find people who need help.


To start planning your upgrade, the first step is to contact Clevertronics or call 01895 430 255. We can answer your questions about the system, provide expert advice, and a quote (if we’re the right fit for you).


We Embrace Innovation Clevertronics were global pioneers in 2012 when they launched the L10 Nanophosphate range of products incorporating Lithium Nanophosphate® battery technology. The L10 range revolutionised the emergency lighting market and delivered a massive 85%* reduction in maintenance costs to facility owners. These on-site results are unmatched by any other product on the market.

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