The Real Dangers of Green Wash

The Real Dangers of Greenwash

We’ve had versions of greenwashing (def: making people believe that your company is doing more to protect the environment than […]

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The Spektd Interview: 2021 Redux

Its nigh on a year since we published the first interview with Richard Hall – talking about Spektd and what […]

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Protecting the Specification – Accentuating the Tech.

If there’s ONE conversation that continues to rattle around the industry it’s that one about Protecting The Specification. What do […]

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Smart specifications – How to get what you want, or end up with what you are given?

Mark Cooper of Smart City Products joins The Light Review commentary team. We all want “the moon on a stick”, […]

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The spektd Interview

The Spektd Interview [Video Podcast]

Spektd is a new on-line platform, designed by and for lighting designers, with the express intention of helping studios to […]

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Arup launches Luminaire Broker, and a new way of working

This is how lighting specification usually works. A designer has a very good idea of what’s wanted for a specific […]

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Looking for a new way to specify? Spektd is here for you.

The Light Review’s Lighting Tree asks lighting designers for their least favourite activity in the creative process of producing lighting […]

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