Bespoke work: keeping it elegant

A small – but highly satisfying – thing to share with you . . .

The immediate problem was this: in order to position the infra-red lamps close enough to the hot plates on the restaurant pass counter, we were going to need a longer flex. But the flex is bonded into the lampholder so we can’t do anything at that end. And besides that, the electrical connection is happening via a length of track and that means using a pendant adaptor that, again, cannot be taken apart. We need an electrical connection that, apparently, will be floating in mid-air.

How about this, then? The client knows a local stainless steel fabricator and we have a handy wooden beam running above the counter. I love it when things come together in a completely unexpected way. My design scribble set out the broader picture of what we could do with an over-sized metal ceiling rose and the client called in a favour.



And I have to say that honour and reputation for coming up with elegant solutions has been well-met.

I just wanted to share that.


Elegant interventions: if you have anything that you’d like to share that takes your lighting designs to a higher state of being, please let me know.

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