Circular LED Parks – what?

Life gets exciting when you can join up the dots . . . it suggests that you might be on to something. Back in January (remember then?) I wrote an article asking how The Circular Economy would actually work. My argument is that we will need third-party agencies to manage the flow of reusable LED product and components because the manufacturers themselves won’t be able to cope with the geographical distribution of used product coming into the Circular stream.
Well – someone else has had a similar idea for used plastics

Scrapo is a company based in Austen, Texas. It is a global marketplace for recyclable plastic ‘waste’. Its called a Circular Plastics Park. If you have product to sell, you can post onto the Scrapo website; if you’re looking to buy, the catalogue of product is there for you to see.

We believe the Circular Plastics Economy is extremely inefficient and that is the root of the problem. Unfortunately, it’s a lot cheaper to dispose of plastic waste than recycle it and that’s the main reason why it ends up in landfills. With plastic production expected to triple by 2050, growing inefficiency of the circular plastics economy may lead to complete failure and collapse of the system with colossal economic and environmental consequences.”

We are calling on those who share our mission to partner with us in building the Circular Plastics Parks in the United States and other parts of the world to stop plastic waste and effectively divert plastic from the natural environment.” says PDI founder and the CEO of Scrapo Inc, Rashad Abbasov.

The Plastic Diversion Initiative has published a white paper on how this system works.

The problem that the lighting industry has is very similar. As we start to see ‘reusable’ LED product being removed from buildings, we need a similar marketplace where components and fixtures that still have a useful life can be bought and sold by an entirely new lighting supply sector.

I’m looking forward to seeing the day when Circular LED Parks are springing up around the country – around the world!


Thanks are due to Mark Cooper of Smart City products for bringing this to our attention.

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