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Our friends at Designers Mind post some really useful information – and their latest weekly newsletter goes right to the heart of many of our lives. So, with DM’s permission I’d like to share this with you.


Here it is:

One thing that comes up almost weekly when talking about tips and strategies to help with wellness topics is setting boundaries; feeling like we work in environments where we can and know how to set those boundaries.
Setting boundaries and having the ability to say ‘no’ can help us with our overall wellbeing. 
Saying ‘no’ and having the ability to voice our needs can help us to switch off, manage stress, protect our energy and even help prevent burnout.
Getting angry about something or feeling depleted from a situation can be signs that a boundary has been broken or you may need to set one.
Here are 5 strategies for setting boundaries:
1. Self-reflection: ask yourself what you need; reflect back on any situation that didn’t make you feel your best as a clue of where to start.
2. Start small: try practicing on a friend with something small before approaching a more challenging situation.
3. Set them early: managing expectations at the beginning of any relationship will make things easier in the long run.
4. Be consistent: constantly breaking your own boundaries could lead to confusion and make you feel resentful that your needs aren’t being met.
5. Communicate: have a discussion, be clear and voice what you truly need.
Boundaries can change. Nothing has to be set in stone. Do what feels right for you.
And remember, setting boundaries is an act of self-love.  You are worthy of having your needs met!

Some of you may be aware that we’ve been hosting our weekly Clubhouse #wellnesswednesday sessions since the end of March (and if you’re not, come join in the conversations!  We cover a new topic each week.  Join our Designers Mind Club here to get notifications of future talks.)

John Bullock is the editor of The Light Review

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