The Biophilic Office

Biophilic-Dissemination-PartnerThe Building Research Establishment (BRE) is running a long-term trial investigating the impact of biophilic interventions into the workplace. This will involve environmental and ergonomic designs that are intended to provide a healthful working space for the BRE staff in a refurbished floor of a 1980s building on the BRE campus.

The Light Review is a Dissemination Partner for The Biophilic Office and will be posting regular articles on the progress of the trial.

BIOPHILIA (n): (according to a theory of the biologist E. O. Wilson) an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world.

‘Biophilic Design uses this ideas as principles to create a human- centred approach that, when applied, improves many of the spaces that we live and work in today, with numerous benefits to our health and well-being’ (Oliver Heath)

The Biophilic office: the designer’s view

Oliver Heath Design is resposnbile for the design of the refurbished offices at BRE that will become The Biophilic Office.” […]

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The Biophilic Office, BRE; the researcher’s view

Cosmin Ticleanu, principal lighting consultant for the Biophilic Office project explains the background to the project.  ‘We spend 90% of […]

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The Biophilic office, BRE: the manufacturers view

The Lighting Approach for the Biophilic Office. Waldmann was approached by the BRE to be a core partner for the […]

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Responding to the SLL Position Statement on Circadian Lighting

The Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) has issued a Position Statement on Circadian Lighting (April 2019). In doing so, […]

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The Biophilic Office: Wellness and Biophilia Symposium

6 – 7 June 2019: a 2-Day Symposium at BRE, Watford How can nature-inspired design foster office occupant wellness? What […]

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Wellbeing in the Workplace, with the Supply Chain Sustainability School

This event in London on 26th March 2019 was the first SCSS Facilities Manager Supplier Day to focus on the […]

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Wellness: reporting the Light Diet

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to Lys Technologies and their Light Diet. Read about it in ‘Wellness: […]

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Wellness: taking care of your circadian rhythm

Never mind those 10,000 steps, are you getting enough LIGHT in your diet? A new wearable sensor from Lys Technologies […]

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