Our Favourite Lights (2)

We started this little essential journey (for our communal health) with a select group of lighting designers – and great fun it was, too.

This second outing looks at another vital link in the supply chain, the manufacturers.


Richard Bushnell
Managing Director UK: OSRAM Ltd

Richard and the ‘Melt’

So, as John keeps reminding me – coming from an industrial components company I am not considered a lah-di-dah lighting designer – and rightly so since it transcends to my choice of lighting in the home. 

We recently renovated the house to a spacious minimalist style (I think you call this contemporary). This because our son is sensory and space with clean lines help him. So while my favourite luminare is a Dino from Orluna because the cracking R9 complements the kids’ red school uniform (you get the picture now); I can offer ‘Melt’ from Tom Dixon as my next favourite fixture. 

We have these in the kitchen and looks like a gravity defying blob of mercury on the ceiling when off and transforms into light when on.  Often mistaken for a speaker or home automation device for unsuspecting visitors.


Ali Kay
Director, Head of Development: Mike Stoane Lighting

Ali with the 1227

The Herbert Terry model 1227. An original which for years was my grandfather’s workbench lamp in his garage, he was a man who was hugely passionate about home engineering and who was the inspiration for me to get in to design, engineering and manufacturing. When I inherited some of his tools this lamp came with them, it has sentimental value, I like it as an object, and now has a personal touch. When I was recently employed at Mike Stoane lighting and learning my craft I spent some time using lathes and milling machines outside work, turning a heatsink and adding an early high CRI Xicato module to provide an LED light source to this lamp was one of those tasks.

This particular one is one of the early fittings launched in 1935 that still has all metal components, before plastic bits crept in. The little holes in the top of the shade have been enlarged by someone in the past, it has some dents, and a bit of rust, but I like it even more for that, it’s part of its history.  Adding extra weight to the head has meant I have had to tinker with the springs a little, but they designed that adjustment in from the start.

I love that this fitting is still going and lighting my desk at home, ok its had a few tweaks but it has been designed to last generations, a great design ethos we should all strive for. Perhaps my kids will use it too.


Ian Stanton
iGuzzini Illuminazione UK
: Sales and Marketing Director

Ian – in his living room

Why is this my favourite  (head) light?   This is the headlight of a 1994 Ducati 916SP3 one of only 500 ever built, voted recently, the most iconic and beautiful motorcycle ever built.

But why is the headlight also so iconic, and why do i love it. Well there is a story. Until the Ducati came along, all motorcycle headlights (and cars) at the time, were round..the technology to make different shapes just didn’t exist, but the designer of the 916 Ducati, Masimo Tamburini, stipulated that he wanted to have non circular headlights to really create a different and unique identity for the motorcycle. He tasked Italian motorcycle headlight manufacturer CEV with the challenge.

The idea of two slit-shaped lights might be a common one on bikes (and also cars) now, but the 916 was the original pioneer in the field.

Oh yes, and of course, because its Italian !!!!


Richard Turner
LIGHTWORKS Architectural Ltd: Director of Operations

Richard – enjoying his PH3/2

The favourite lamp I have in my house comes from a company who I admire and respect enormously and having worked there for 8 years I have some fantastic memories of both the products and the amazing people I was lucky enough to work with and meet along the journey. It is the Louis Poulsen PH 3/2 Chrome 125th Anniversary Table lamp which as employees we were all given an example.  Poul Henningsen created his influential Paris lamp for Louis Poulsen in 1924 and how he shaped light was in such a way as to hide the source from view at all angles reducing glare from the source, this can be seen very clearly in other products such as the Charlottenborg or PH 5-41/2 pendant, this was a close runner for first place.. possibly a joint 1st place..  




A very special piece

The table lamp holds so many memories of the good times in the lighting industry. The big events we had when Eric Holm (CEO) would bring >1000 people together (from around the world) for a weekend team building event in Denmark such as the “LP Olympics”. I’m sure a few of those who remember that event will recall the mayhem,,!

I was lucky enough to start developing the first LED based luminaires for Louis Poulsen’s Exterior accent portfolio in 1998 and working with the Lighting Design community and my colleagues delivered some amazing projects such as the Copenhagen Opera House and the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, all predominantly using LED as the main light source.

An amazing company, great memories and fantastic people . . .

Richard’s PH5/41-2, joint 1st place.


So there we are. Classics ancient and modern . . . and then there are the light fixtures.

Look out for more Favourite Lights from The Light Review – coming soon!

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