Party Games: Cryptic Lighting Charades

OK – bear with us on this one as we explain what this is all about, because Cryptic Lighting Charades combines the rules of classic Charades with the principles of the Cryptic Crossword.

What do you mean, you don’t do cryptic crosswords – what were you doing through those weeks and weeks of lockdown?? And if you don’t know the Rules of Charades then you are, indeed, a lost cause already – check them out here or via your favourite search engine.

Playing Cryptic Lighting Charades: I’ll try to keep this simple.

  • Choose your lighting company (don’t tell anyone else)
  • Now choose a film that best represents that company. The more satirical, possibly slanderous, the better)
  • Perform your charade of the film – and maxi-prizes for anyone who works out the name of the company from the charade of the film.
  • Give your suffering audience the chance to work out the name of the company.
    No? Now you can perform the charade for the company name.

Oh, you still need an example. Here a simple one.
Let’s say I’m in the mood for a classic Italian company: let’s say Flos.
Flos could be called one of the classic Italian design houses, so maybe the film is The Italian Job.
You then perform the charades, first for ‘The Italian Job’ – then leave a pause for thought among your audience – then you perform the charade for ‘Flos’ if everyone is staring at you like you’re a lunatic.

Best of luck!

And just to add a bit of spice that would otherwise have been wasted in the gluhwein, how about this: once you have your charade perfected, make a short video of it on a smartphone and send it to me here at The Light Review (
If we get enough seasonal fools to join in we’ll put a podcast together and broadcast your shameless antics to the rest of the world in the New Year.
(Oh – and don’t expect me to be any more clever than those who’ve been giving you the blank stare – at least let me know what the company and the film is meant to be)


Fest On, My Friends!


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