Party Games: The Light Debate

As you will know, I’ve promised to publish only Good News stories between now and the end of the year. And what could be better for all those triple-bubble Xmas dinners than to have a three-sided fun debate about what we mean by LIGHT!

The inspiration for this came from an unsolicited call earlier this week (yes, Graeme, I’m talking about you) – and didn’t I think it was time we stopped differentiating between types of LIGHT and where it comes from. Out of such meagre openings comes THE LIGHT DEBATE.

Here are the rules:

Bubble 1: The Party of the First Part or THE TECHNOCRATS

The Technocrats Argument: LED development has now reached the point where it matches that of natural light, yet it is still defined as ‘artificial’ light. This distinction is no longer necessary; Light is Light and evermore should be so.
The subtext behind the argument: if LED lighting is as good as daylight, who needs the vagaries of daylight.

Bubble 2: The Party of the Second Part or THE NATURALISTS

The Naturalists Argument: there is a free source of energy in the sky; it is called the Sun (and the moon and Venus cast their shadows via light reflected from that same Sun). Any other source of light is manufactured and is therefore artificial – and is therefore made up of materials drawn from the earth at some cost to the planet’s inhabitants.
Natural (AKA real) light must prevail as the go-to illuminant whenever possible..
If it helps, a definition of ‘artificial’ is: “made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural”

Bubble 3: The Party of the Third Part or THE TRADERS

The Trader doesn’t have an argument; the Trader just has a position.
There is no profit in promoting daylight if you’re trying to sell lighting product. There’s no money in it. It suits the Trader to stand to one side while these ‘angels-on-pinhead’ arguments rage, meanwhile clearing up in the marketplace with whatever second-rate product they have to push.

The Winner – the Trader, every time.


We hope that you enjoy playing The Light Debate. The Silly Season Committee of The Light Review (SSCTLR) has already been convened, as you can see, We hope to be able to bring you a Party Game of the Week in the build-up to the Festive Season.


Fest On, My Friends!



John Bullock is the editor of The Light Review

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