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You know the thing; you’re sitting quietly in the garden, enjoying the unexpected sunshine with a fine chilled prosecco, when you hear conversation coming from the other side of the fence.

New neighbours. You think, I hope they behave themselves. As you can’t avoid listening in you come to realise that these folk are talking about stuff that you know a bit about. Not a lot about, but enough to pick up on the niceties. Oh, you think; maybe they’d like to share a drink . . . maybe they’ve got a bottle of their own!

And so to eFixx, our new noisy neighbours; the ‘leading multi-channel media platform for professionals in the electrical industry’ – or to put it more succinctly, ‘the electricians website’.
No apostrophe there I see . . .hmmm.

Time to declare an interest. When I first checked out the eFixx website, who should I see looking out at me but Gordon Routledge, ex Publisher of Revo Media and publisher of this new venture. I’d already seen material from Gary Hayers and Joe Robinson, the eFixx editors and I know Stephen Hurrell who has moved from Aurora to eFixx as Commercial Director. So there’s quite a powerful engine driving this website.

I’ve said elsewhere, and will continue to tug on anyone’s coat sleeve who’s prepared to listen, that lighting designers really ought to know more about the  installation side of things. We deal with electrical product (aka lighting fixtures and controls) all the time, yet there is a yawning gulf between understanding how light works and how light works.

And just in case there’s anyone out there who thinks the practical stuff might be a bit below the salt, this is what Joe Robinson has to say about the electrical industry: “It’s the perfect blend of the practical and the intellectual. It’s a really good thing when we get a new edition of the regs come out and we start to learn new things about what we should physically be doing with our installations, but also its important we get under the skin of the Regulations and start to understand not just what we do but why we do it.” Cracking stuff. These are the guys who are there to keep us safe – let’s not forget that.

eFixx is a broad-brush site, looking at all aspects of the electrical specification, so that includes lighting content as well. There’s a video of a factory visit to Unibox to see LED panels being made and a look at the from Interact pro control system from Signify, with much more to follow, I’m sure.

It may be a bit of an acquired taste for some lighters, but there’s stuff here that concerns us all and I wish them well.

And I scored 5/10 on their Electrical Brand Quiz; a blend of dredged-up memories and total guess work. I’ll take that as a win.

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