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LIA: new Photometry Testing Service

Where would we be without decent photometric testing? Actually – where would we be without photometric testing that understands and […]

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Explainer: colour temperature

Explainer articles exist to remind us all that the fundamental building blocks of lighting sit behind everything that we do […]

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The Circular Economy: clearing plastics from the ocean . . . need to do better, says report.

For those paying attention, you may have noticed that The Light Review has been giving time and space to the […]

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fox lux banner

Fox Lux and the LIA

THE FOXY AMBASSADOR Fox Lux Ltd may be the new cubs on the emergency lighting block but they understand the […]

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Electronic Paint and Flexible Batteries

Strange things drop into my inbox. A couple of weeks ago I was warned about ELECTRONIC PAINT – something that […]

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Luminaire testing: absolute v. relative photometry

Richard Hayes is seething about testing! What’s going on? . Let’s clear this up once and for all. Most of […]

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A Plastics future for Lighting?

When I first got involved in sustainability in the lighting industry – a decade ago – the standing joke at […]

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Plastics and 3D Printing: the future of luminaire production?

Coen Liedenbaum, Venture Manager at Signify and ‘entrepreneurial innovator’ sees the future of luminaires coming out of the nozzle of […]

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Bridgelux introduces new metric for matching LEDs to natural light: Average Spectral Difference

As if we didn’t have enough ways to measure the quality of light, Bridgelux steps up to propose a metric […]

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Smart specifications – How to get what you want, or end up with what you are given?

Mark Cooper of Smart City Products joins The Light Review commentary team. We all want “the moon on a stick”, […]

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