Recolight: end-of-life luminaires webinar

The singlemost important thing about creating a Circular Economy will be the process that we find to close the loop […]

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Recolight: Lighting & the Circular Economy webinar – next steps for the Lighting Industry

The third Recolight webinar in the Lighting & the Circular Economy series will look at the next steps required for the lighting […]

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Challenging the lighting industry to be more Sustainable

At the time of writing the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica is threatening to collapse. The anticipated rise in sea level is >3m. […]

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Recolight: Lighting and the Circular Economy

. Industry experts in sustainability and product design discuss how the lighting sector can address its environmental impact WHEN: TUESDAY […]

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Sustainability challenge

Sustainability Challenges [Video Podcast] Play in new window | DownloadJohn Bullock is challenging the lighting industry to become more sustainable.

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