The Rule of Three: A meditation on residential lighting design [Video Podcast]

Every project is different . . every project is the same: two sides of a coin

Certainly, for the client, the project is unique. It’s my residential lighting experience that manyclients have NEVER done this before. The house price differential between the South-East and the South-West is such that you can sell-up in the stockbroker belt (remember them), put a stash of cash away for your latter years and still have the wherewithal to build/refurbish the house of your dreams. A unique and never-to-be-repeated adventure, that’s for sure.

The conversation that goes on between designer and client, however, does have a repetition to it, mainly because not many people see lighting the way that the designer sees lighting. And so we get into the “there are three things to remember” that leads to “and here’s another three things that you would be wise to think about” – and before you know where you are you have the Three Rules of Three.

Here they are.

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