Trump: The New Joker?

I had more important things planned for this morning than doing this. If The Most Powerful Man On The Planet had just stayed with the disinfectant riff I’d have left him and his faithful Wisconsin acolytes to do their own testing on that particular who-knows-it-might-work POTUS gem.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Where you bin?

But then he went and mentioned UV and I thought: he’s overstepped the line. The electromagnetic spectrum is OURS and you mess with it at your peril. (all it takes for evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing . . . etc).

Don seems to have got whatever wires that make him work crossed. His idea that we can kill Covid-19 by exposing our bodies to UV light is much the same as suggesting that you can inject ketchup into yourself because you forgot to put it on your lunchtime burger.

So, for the benefit of new readers: here’s how it actually works.

Exposure to UV light, of a particular strength and of a particular wavelength can kill the Covid-19 virus. It can kill almost anything organic in the process. That’s why the lighting industry is working hard to establish guidelines on product design and use before we end up with a lot of unhappy stupid people wondering why they can’t watch TV anymore – and where’s the cat gone?

UV-C light is only used in spaces when they are safely unoccupied, mainly for the purpose of disinfecting surfaces, or is contained within protective housings in air-cleaning systems that can work throughout the day. It is inevitable that there is a lot of interest being shown in deep-cleaning systems, particularly if it can be done at the flick of a switch and without the need to employ a costly (yet essential) human workforce.

It is a trope of the US superhero genre that the villain (sorry – the Super Villain) is a Genius. This is important, because without that kind of extreme cleverness there would never be any Plots to Take Over the World to save us all from. That the Joker is called The Joker is a kind of irony. He’s not stupid. Trump seems to have missed that essential point in the story. Taking Over the World takes a lot of brain work.
As was once said of a predecessor of his: the president’s brain is missing.
I couldn’t possibly comment.

But you never see the Super Villain’s henchfolk slapping their heads in disbelief at the latest monologuing and waving their arms around in the air mouthing: “No – no – no. Its not like that at all.”

Now – do you mind if I get on.


Thanks to David Lockart and the excellent imgflip for the original banner image

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