Explainer: ‘entry level’ luminaires?

I mean, ‘whut?’

This was a new one to me until a couple of weeks ago. Its not that I don’t understand what ‘entry level’ means. If someone comes to me and says they fancy taking up a musical instrument, or get on a bicycle for the first time in fifty years, then I’m likely to suggest that they invest in an ‘entry-level’ model of whatever it is they’re thinking about.

There are no circumstances where I see that this relates to a light fitting.

What I think it means is ‘we’ve made this fixture to be just on the right side of borderline acceptable; expect no bells or whistles; or finesse; but it works.’

Its what we used to call a ‘budget fitting’ . . . or ‘cheap’.

But in these days of having some really bad stuff in the marketplace, ‘entry level’ might become a term that we may have to get used to.

Caveat emptor!

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