SLL Lightbytes 2019-2020: People|Space|Time|Place

The new season of SLL Lightbytes began in Birmingham at the beginning of October. Joining the regular presenters of Richard Caple (Thorlux), Graeme Shaw (Zumtobel) and Roger Sexton (Xicato) is Dr. Eleanora Brembilla, a Research Associate at Loughborough University, studying advanced building daylight modelling. And the chosen topic warrants her kind of knowledge because this is a broad – and a brave – platform for the SLL team to choose.

People|Space|Time|Place just about covers everything that we as an industry might ever be asked to cover, but that doesn’t mean these topics are necessarily easy to understand.

Wacthing SLL Lightbytes is a bit like listening to a jazz quartet; each of the presenters takes a solo, then the four come together at the end of each headline session for an all-round chat. It’s a great way to organise a day as far as the audience is concerned. Each speaker provides their own riff on the topic, so the information that comes across is easier to access and goes further and deeper than you’d get from a single presenter.

And although the SLL promotional information for these LightBytes suggests that the day will mainly be around the thorny subject of circadian lighting, the actual material covered goes further than that. Yes, the role of circadian lighting is discussed in detail, but it’s put in context by the presenters who are quick to assert that good lighting design for people means far more than that singular lighting element.

So what do we learn?

| People |

We’re learning more about the way that light influences our physiological and psychological behaviour.

Life and work patterns are affecting the way that we light commercial buildings.

There are healthy and unhealthy ways to light our environment.

| Space |

Building design is changing to accommodate better daylighting.

Lighting needs to be designed according to activity within the space, not just the space itself.

Lighting controls will determine whether workspace lighting is successful or not.

| Time |

Finally, we’re acknowledging Time as the fourth dimension in the design process.

Daylight isn’t static; neither should artificial light be.

Human response varies across the day; lighting needs to follow.

| Place |

Lighting design needs to be place-specific, not lifted directly from Codes and Standards.

Lighting culture varies across and around the globe.

Before you light it, do you need to light it?

SLL Lightbytes provides an excellent experience for anyone associated with lighting design (and lighting supply, come to that). The subject matter isn’t just about number-crunching and code-chasing; this material gets to the heart and soul of what lighting needs to be about.

Sessions like this are rare and we should take advantage when the opportunity presents itself to get along to join in the conversation.

Forthcoming dates for SLL Soundbytes 2019-2020:

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