The Spektd Interview: 2021 Redux

Its nigh on a year since we published the first interview with Richard Hall – talking about Spektd and what […]

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The spektd Interview

The Spektd Interview [Video Podcast]

Spektd is a new on-line platform, designed by and for lighting designers, with the express intention of helping studios to […]

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SLL Lighting Factfile 16: Visual Guide to Emergency Lighting and Signage

Paul Ruffles has produced this very handy visual Factfile that is useful for anyone involved in emergency lighting, whether as […]

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Explainer: calculating Maintenance Factor

Richard Hayes recently took a look at the way that Maintenance Factor is often ‘tweaked’ to make the cost of […]

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Getting Maintenance Factor right

We recently posted an investigative piece, looking at the provenance of a Philips IP65 batten that scared the contractor so […]

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Budget LED luminaires: when things go wrong . . . or not

I want to tell you a story . . . It started with a typical LinkedIn post – full of […]

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Cheap LED lights and Toxic Pricing

A message went across my screen recently informing me that I can buy a 10W exterior floodlight for less than […]

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Looking for a new way to specify? Spektd is here for you.

The Light Review’s Lighting Tree asks lighting designers for their least favourite activity in the creative process of producing lighting […]

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