Designer Chat: The Ambient Lighting Manifesto

Every now and then something comes along that just warrants a good chat. One of those things has just occurred, courtesy of the SLL Light Lines magazine: The Ambient Lighting Manifesto.


It appears that we’ve been doing things wrong all these years and its high time we learned the error of our ways. Can that be true? I sent out a Zoom invite to my good friends Andrew Bissell and Iain Macrae to find out what they think about all of this:

To get yourself up to speed, and just in case you can’t put your hands on the SLL magazine (and why not?), you’ll find it useful to get a bit of background to the conversation
Click on the Light Lines image here and flick through to page 5.

SLL Light Lines Sept-Oct 2020


Grab yourself a coffee and a bun: here’s the podcast.


It was a long conversation. And whenever more than one lighting designer gathers together you can be guaranteed that the chat will roam far and wide.

So that wasn’t the end of the conversation. When Andrew asked “Who Should be a Lighting Designer” off we went again:

John Bullock is the editor of The Light Review

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