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Build Back Better Awards

The Build Back Better Awards

We first heard the phrase ‘Build Back Better’ in 2015, as a UN response to a series of natural disasters […]

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Danish Design, Clean Beauty, Distinct From The Scandinavian Culture of ‘Funkis’.

Following on from our previous instalment of this design series, where we look across the water to our friends in […]

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Re:Lit project, Poole: the end-of-year review

Back in the summer I wrote about a new project, Routes 2 Roots, that I’d been invited to get involved […]

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Designer Chat #1

Designer Chat: The Ambient Lighting Manifesto

Every now and then something comes along that just warrants a good chat. One of those things has just occurred, […]

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Announcing a new Re:Lit project

John Bullock Lighting Design (jb-ld) has partnered with architect Ken Morgan (retired partner at Morgan Carey Architects, Poole) to provide […]

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Lighting is a key contributor to healthy buildings as we Build Back Better

On 30 June, the Prime Minister issued ‘A New Deal for Britain‘, promising to Build Back Better, and setting out […]

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ILP: makes the case for Good Lighting in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic

On Thursday 4 June Members of the Lords will debate the economic lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic and the measures […]

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New SLL President aims to Build Back Better

“With the Covid-19 lockdown leading to a cut in C02 emissions, it has also triggered an economic downturn, prompting governments […]

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7 ways to spot a quality LED lamp (and avoid the duds)

One of the best-kept secrets in the LED world is knowing where to buy (and specify) decent quality LED lamps. […]

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Bad Business and The Supply Mesh

Up until the current health crisis I, like many of us, had been watching another crisis unfold at the Grenfell […]

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What is ‘Lighting Design’?

A company in India is offering to take the drudgery of producing lighting layouts and lighting schedules off my hands, […]

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Slow Design: why risk flygskam when you can tågskryt

The Light Review finished 2019 with a couple of pieces on Slow Design (add links). Its one of those philosophical […]

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