Good Lighting

The 7-Step Programme to Good Lighting: Step 6 – The Install

All things being equal, this really shouldn’t be a problem. The problem is – not all things are equal. Between […]

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Society of Light and Lighting: Lightbytes, Bristol

LightBytes events offer a day of peer-reviewed, bite-sized presentations, focusing on key issues relating to lighting professionals and those within […]

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In-job training: throwing some light on it

The Electrical Distributors Association (EDA) has introduced a series of Product Knowledge Modules to help wholesalers improve the product knowledge […]

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How to cheat: pricing emergency lighting

Can you price up 212 standard 3W non-maintained emergency downlighters? Best we can do so far is €??. OK? ” […]

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How to cheat: bungs and kickbacks

Earning a living as a lighting designer/specifier can be a challenge. There must be an easier way to turn a […]

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How to cheat: ‘Equal and Approved’?

What are we to make of ‘equal and approved’. Who is the beneficiary when products get swapped out as part […]

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