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Raising the Mood with Colour and Light

Its medieval Britain, as you trudge through mud and cow dung from your grey, brown hovel, the low grey clouds […]

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Tamlite: Light is for learning . . .

. At  the  time  of  writing  (Spring  2021)  the  Big  Conversation  is  all  about  getting  our  children  back  to school  […]

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The Spektd Interview: 2021 Redux

Its nigh on a year since we published the first interview with Richard Hall – talking about Spektd and what […]

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Xicato: and a Conversation with Julie O’Reilly of Sutton Vane Associates

This is a conversation about quality – about where Good Lighting comes from, the knowledge and experience that necessarily lies […]

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The spektd Interview

The Spektd Interview [Video Podcast] Play in new window | DownloadSpektd is a new on-line platform, designed by and for lighting designers, with the […]

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