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The 7-Step Programme to Good Lighting: Step 3 – The Specification

I’m in a hotel room and have just finished what was laughingly called ‘a breakfast box’. There is a yawning gulf between what was in my head and what was in the box. In a positive glow of expectation, I was seeing a fresh croissant, perhaps a small pot of strawberry jam – maybe a …

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Can I borrow your pen?

Last week I wrote about the Climate Change Challenge and its good to see that everyone’s keeping their heads down, hoping that no one sees you sitting there. Here in Sherborne we’ve been thinking about ways to reduce our material consumption in general, the environmental damage that we do, and our carbon footprint in particular …

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The Climate Crisis Challenge

Usually, when the lighting industry goes quiet over something its for one of two reasons; expect a mass launch of new products at Frankfurt – or it’s something that’s too difficult to get the head around so let’s ignore it and hope it goes away. Given that Frankfurt Licht+Bild is a matter of months away, …

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Good Lighting : counterfeit product

At a recent EDA Regional Business Forum in Exeter, the delegates were received with an update on the situation regarding counterfeit electrical product. Presented by Chris Stammers, Compliance Services Manager with BEAMA, it made for very scary listening. The global picture Counterfeit product generally falls into two categories: Companies making false or misleading claims as …

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Wellness and Integrative Lighting

 We’ve been looking for a term that encompasses the approach that we need to take to achieve a healthful lighting environment. ‘Human Centric Lighting’ is all but discredited since its been picked up by marketing departments and used as a convenient tag for anything containing tunable white LEDs, so we’re obliged to look for something …

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